Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief in Ninth Circuit case



If some would care to offer feedback on my inquiry/comment, I would sure appreciate it. We all know the case case that basically started it all—the rape and murder of that poor little girl Megan Kanka in NJ by that sick F%$k Jesse Timmenduqa [sic]. Anyway, it occurred to me that if these laws are stem from this particular crime: Questions: 1) if it was this guy who did this then why are everyone else being subject to Megan’s law? I did not violate Megan, this guy Timmenduqa did so 2) why am I [and every body else not connected to this crime] being made to pay for this guy’s crime? 3) Shouldn’t all this hatred be directed toward him? 3) Why should anyone be punished for something they had nothing to do with? 4) should you only be subject to the punishment of the crime you committed it and at the time you committed it? I’m just saying. For me, my crime came a full decade BEFORE this terrible crime occurred—so why reach back and punish me? Any answers out there? I would welcome any answer(s) from NARSOL too. Thanks