Reply To: Passport revoked

R. Arens

These are the kind of laws invented by close minded conservatives hell bent on bringing back the likes of apartheid and the Holocaust. I’m telling ya, if the exact things they do to us were motivated by race and not the fact that we committed sex crimes, the punishments / sanctions we endure would be illegal as all hell. We’re lynched, discriminated against, segregated, denied services, banned from public places, jailed repetively for issues related to our civil disability. I could go on and on with this but we’ve seen this story before and know it well. It’s basically a repeat of the pre King civil rights era redirected in modern time to a specific set of people justified by law, public fear and outrage. If this passport dilemma was my story, I’dve went to Italy and renounced my citizenship. The United States doesn’t stand for freedom and is a hipocracy of itself when it allows s__t like this to stand. I can’t believe we fought hard for civil rights 50 years ago only to revert back to segregationist roots. That Jim Crow crap is not what America is about. My advice to those with the means to go abroad, we need to boycott the United States until they remember what freedom and liberty and Justice for all is really all about.