Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

Terry Brunson

@ Mark –
You are right 7 May is the date. I was taken off the website on 9 Feb 2018 from SORNA by PSP so called voluntary cessation. I did not want that . I wanted a “judicial determination from a court so there would be a review bu R.A.P. Rule 1925 court opinion post.

The PSP don’t want that – they think if they take me off themselves there will be no letting other see what is going on behind the PSP illegal stuff.

I filed an objection to voluntary cessation as a trick to avoid court review.

The PAG file and said my claim is moot.

I did primary objection to that – Then I showed back up the the registry under Chapter 97 subchapater H which is still in term SORNA.

I filed object because the PSP told the court in cross summary that I was off and will not be back on.

I filed objection again saying that subchapter H is still SORNA. The court order the PAG for a show cause (April 30, 2018) today but the shady land was not ready to fight me. She ask for more time. I made objection to that as it is a delay that is what Freed did in MUNIZ.

Try to delay my asking for more time.

If you check to day I file motions under P.C.R. rules to attach ACT 10 under 97 subchapter I
Rules are:
R.C.P. rule 1023.2(b) Sanction for lying to the court that I was off registry, but still on it)

R.A.P. rule 1532(b) Summary relief win for lying to the court about me being off and still on)

R.C.P. rule 1026(a) notice to plea that PSP is constructing a lifetime classification of a sex offender who has no recidivism scheme factors that are required to make one lifetime. I came in PA 2009 may, my offense was 3126a7 and that was a M-1 and not life time under ML 3. It was 10 year. SOrna made it life time. MUNIZ got me off that, but PSP put me back on. ((COURT WANT TO KNOW WHY ON may 7, 2018)

R.C.P. rule 1361 NOTICE TO PLEAS ADDED claim in difference between 97 subchapter H and I
How can I be under both?

I have letters from PSP that I sent to the court as exhibits saying I am on H and I on is SORNA (H) and the other ACT 10 (I).

Here is the rule that is going to attach ACT 10 to my Mandamus (R.C.P. 1020(d) permission to join alternative pleading on ACT 10 to show how it violates civil rights

and lastly R.C.P. rule 1019(d) contents of pleading can be amended if new actions are happening as we are in active court battle.

This is the case with me. The psp and me are in court. I filed 13 Oct 2017 and ACT 10 happen on 21 Feb 2018. I was give ACT 10 notice. This could not have been in the original complaint is detail until now.

I have a right by PA Law to add it now by Nuct Pro Tunc action.

I am not a lawyer – and I have no legal advice. I am only updating my court fight of 463 MD 2017 to Mark others can read it as well.