Reply To: As dumb as it gets: mixing forced homelessness and GPS monitoring



Given that I am citizen of Wisconsin let me plainly admit we have suffered brain drain. Best I can pinpoint the start of it all is when the U.W. dropped admission standards to below the 3.5 gpa. The move impacted the schools ability to attract major sports athletes! That lead to some successes advanced by Barry Alverez.

The use of electronic devices to track P&Pers is big data & Big labor at work for the people colluding to protect them. Judge’s often convince wearers that the device protects them too by the ability of the GPS devices to exclude them from occurring crimes. If given that perspective is it not reasonable to presume then, his statement admits that WRONGFUL CONVICTION OCCURS? Mr. Kaepernick knows the story all to well. Milwaukee has very strong socialist roots and thus came Constantineau 400 US 433 (Conn. VDoe03). The case involved an alcoholic “Norma” who when using would well…make public displays of his person, so the Chief of Police(the 3rd and unconstitutional level of recognised govt) posted a photo and do not sell to demand at local alcohol fenders in Hartford, WI.

Same basic stuff. Did not work then won’t work now.