Reply To: Passport revoked


For one thing this should NOT be. It should not be ok to put on anyone’s passport that this person is a Sex Offender, or anything else. This should fall under our 5th amendment our right to liberty. It would also be our 1st amendment that we could file a grievance because this is taking away our freedom. The thing that I don’t understand is why just Sex Offenders. Is it because of Chris Smith a republican, US Representative who lives in New Jersey, who overreacted to the out cry of the people.The Laws changed in NJ just a few weeks after Megan’s death in 1994 and continued to change from State to Federal. It is not Megan or her family that is to blame. Megan was a sweet innocent victim of a man who had major mental problems that were never addressed. Her family loved her, and what happened to her should not have happened. I have made contact with Maureen, Megan’s mother in my time of grieve with what was happening to my grandson. She didn’t agree with what all was occurring. So what I learned was it was our law makers who are making all the calls. And whoever said that it is 800,000 on the Registry that this is effecting, is not taking into consideration that on a daily basis more are added and have been added to this number since it was last posted several years ago. There are also family and friends that are involved with the person who is being Labeled for life. We are all effected by the terrible laws that are put on normal people who made mistakes that involved Sex.