Reply To: Passport revoked


obvious answers

even if a couple countries may still allow you travel, and many of them will NOT…when you travel as an American citizen your life is now endangered internationally by your own government..Prior to the “red marks of shame” only the government agencies with passport scanning who would need to know would know of your past.(not that they even needed that since the US government actively emails them and asked them to not allow you entry) . NOW you want to book a hotel?, a hostel, you want to board a boat? conduct business?,you want to do banking?in some places to get a taxi or go to a casino? all of these places will now know “selectively intimidating” information about you deliberately tailored to inspire fear and panic…fantastic opportunity for the unscrupulous to refuse you service,bully,intimidate,attack, or as is often the case to charge you bribery fees… it is not only the government’s you need to fear now but every single place of commerce that will later require your passport..and lets not even get started with local police agencies which are often corrupted any ways.. The American government has deliberately placed an international bullseye on you and placed your life in danger. If you do not believe so then travel to the asian countries.. Even if they do let you in many of them “pass your information on” where later their immigration departments and police shake you down for extortion and often much worse. you may just disappear.