Reply To: Supreme Court: Definition of “crime of violence” unconstitutionally vague


We can all talk about vagueness and the constitution but did you know there are many types of Offenders. Here is a list for starters
1. the sex offender 2. the vainglory offender 3. Theirs the backbiter offender 4. Theirs the loveless offender 5. Theirs the drug offender 6. Theirs the spirit offender 7. Theirs the church offender 8. Theirs the prudish offender 9. Theirs the pride offender 10. Theirs the opressive offender 11. Theirs the government offender 12. Theirs the covet offender.
Its a shame to say today that a lot of us are caught up in one or more of these. While these sex offender issues are bad enough we all still have unalienable rights even to challange these ordeals. While we are to obey authority even they can go a bit to far unless one fights with the sword. I’m sure Robin and Larry and others on here would back me up on this 100%.
Which kind of offender are you? Makes one think about if we are all created equal in this vague society.