Reply To: For registered sex offenders, court victories slow, but they are coming

Sandra Alvarez Morales

I pray and hope for a change immediately, I am shocked by all the rights being violated im living a nightmare, this is taking away the chance to recover as a family. My children are at higher risk now of the bullying and harassment by there peers and adults and people who think they have a right to hurt children in the name of protecting children, so my children don’t matter and we have to live this way forever? All because my husband wanted a cheaper deal on a phone someone sold him one that was locked he took it to a repair shop where they found pictures and reported it and next thing we know they came for him but unwilling to give names of the person a known gang member and company for the real fear of retaliation on us was accused and found guilty and due the only lawyer who wasnt promising over $15,000 guaranteed no conviction costs us the mortgage payments and he did nothing in our favor. This trauma followed by losing our home and run out of our county, and it never ends…. It’s changed him he has broken the bond between himself and all of his family and friends and we have become a recluse family even today he needed emergency room care and they made it obvious they didn’t want to help him so he threw away his urine sample and walked out… And I was left shamed and hopeless staring at my phone looking for any real help