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TN Code § 39-13-524 (2014)

(a) In addition to the punishment authorized by the specific statute prohibiting the conduct, a person shall receive a sentence of community supervision for life who, on or after:

(1) July 1, 1996, commits a violation of § 39-13-502, § 39-13-503, § 39-13-504, or § 39-13-522;

(2) July 1, 2010, commits a violation of § 39-13-531; or

(3) The applicable date as provided in subdivision (a)(1) or (a)(2) attempts to commit a violation of any of the sections enumerated in subdivision (a)(1) or (a)(2).

(b) The judgment of conviction for all persons to whom subsection (a) applies shall include that the person is sentenced to community supervision for life.

(c) The sentence of community supervision for life shall commence immediately upon the expiration of the term of imprisonment imposed upon the person by the court or upon the person’s release from regular parole supervision, whichever first occurs.

(d) (1) A person on community supervision shall be under the jurisdiction, supervision and control of the department of correction in the same manner as a person under parole supervision. The department is authorized on an individual basis to establish such conditions of community supervision as are necessary to protect the public from the person’s committing a new sex offense, as well as promoting the rehabilitation of the person.

(2) The department is authorized to impose and enforce a supervision and rehabilitation fee upon a person on community supervision similar to the fee imposed by § 40-28-201. To the extent possible, the department shall set the fee in an amount that will substantially defray the cost of the community supervision program. The department shall also establish a fee waiver procedure for hardship cases and indigency.

40-39-201. Short title Legislative findings:

(7) The offender is subject to specified terms and conditions that are implemented at sentencing, or, at the time of release from incarceration, that require that THOSE WHO ARE FINANCIALLY ABLE must pay specified administrative costs to the appropriate registering agency, which shall retain one hundred dollars ($100) of these costs for the administration of this part and shall be reserved for the purposes authorized by this part at the end of each fiscal year, with the remaining fifty dollars ($50.00) of fees to be remitted to the Tennessee bureau of investigation’s sex offender registry