Reply To: Passport revoked


In order to be able to file suit, one must be able to afford an attorney. The TN ACLU has been less than useless when it comes to sex offender issues. I have contacted them in the past and their reply (in summary) is: “Challenges to sex offender laws have been largely unsuccessful. We will not spend our limited resources trying to fight for sex offender rights.”

I am trying to get my own computer repair business off the ground, but the work is just too sporadic. I had a job through a temporary agency, but that job came to an end due to the volume of available work dropping at the work site that complies with the 1,000 feet rule. That job lasted from late December 2017 to late March 2018.

I haven’t found a lawyer in TN yet that would be willing to tackle sex offender issues pro bono. I’d love to be able to do something, but not every state is blessed with a Janice Bellucci.

Being on lifetime supervision, I won’t go to jail for failure to pay, as far as I understand. What will happen is this, if I understand the situation correctly: When I’ve been on supervision for 15 years without any sort of violations I can petition the sentencing court to be released from community supervision. The petition would be denied due to non-payment of fees. I owe just over $5000 in fees that date back to when I was first placed on community supervision for life.