Reply To: Passport revoked



Robin I have to agree with you and Fred sort of hit this one also with its basically about a money issue. Sure money is the root to all evil or the love there of. This pass port thing and all this is like a 666 number on all those that are caught up in these operations. Its just an ordiance. Today as I see it, it is up to us to step up and seek change in a lot of these issues and that is our unalienable right. Course I never checked a human cannonball on a flight to Egypt. Course one could revoke your life if one bends down to them but we have to be lawful.
If you all really think about a lot of this registry it is a cheap form of government trying to be more righteous than those whom they govern. In the end who gets the fickled finger of fate award from laugh-in or should I say the fraud finger of fate. And the winner is The United States for ignoring the rights of many americans, to not to be defrauded in these woopie internet sting ordeals.
Now I know some ordeals do involve real kids and teens but working together we can all seek true justice.