Reply To: Passport revoked

obvious answers

Here is the correction..
1st THE STAMP does not and is not required to identify you to other countries of travel. It is only an additional mark of shaming to brand you and to make sure your passport is absolutely useless. It is an added intimidation technique.
A. when you travel your information is scanned at every port and at every kiosk and already contains all the information
B. and also the American government already sends an email out regarding you AS SOON as you leave American soil telling other countries you are an undesirable and pose a risk to their citizens by virtue of being a registered sex offender.
C. If you doubt what I tell you I was given a copy of the information from the country I reside in. And yes the US government actively, every 6 months you are not in America emails and harrasses what ever country you escape to telling them you are a threat and danger to the community with no evidence that of other then the registry. I was convicted 20 years ago of meeting an underage girl in a card at the door tavern and am now an “international threat to society”