Reply To: Passport revoked

Phys Ed

This is on the same order as what SOs must endure in Illinois with respect to their driver’s license registration. Once you pass the test, the ordinary citizen doesn’t have to take it again until he or she reaches 85 years old, when you must start taking it and renewing it every single year instead of just coming in to register(or simply mailing it in) and then leaving. An SO of any age must not only take the written test, but the driving test every single year! If you happen to also own and ride a motorcycle, you have to take that test every single year also; and that test is rigged for even an ordinary citizen to fail because the state wants you to take the courses in motorcycle safety taught by the University of Illinois. If one is an RSO, you have to take that motorcycle course every single year. What purpose does all this serve except additional punishment for your one mistake many years before?
The same MO operates with the cottage sex offender “treatment” industry that operates in every state in the union. The process incentivizes collusion and corruption between the treatment providers and parole or supervisory officers because all the captive clientele patients must not only pay cash for treatments, but outrageous sums for polygraph tests. Despite the SCOUS decision in Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Dept of Health, where it was established that the refusal of treatment is a fundamental constitutional right. The whole polygraph thing also violates the Fifth Amendment-no matter, judges pettifog all of it until the Bill of Rights completely disappears and millions of it can only lament in sack coth and ashes as our lives and the lives of our families are destroyed, or so severely diminished that any difference between the two terms is meaningless.