Reply To: Passport revoked


Chuck, I have to add to the motive behind these laws. The equal or perhaps larger driving force behind laws such as I.M.L. is moral outrage. A rapist is looked down on most harshly, however, a child molester evokes the most venomous vitriolic animosity that can possibly be stirred within a person. No matter what the penalty is, if it’s short of execution or lifelong incarceration the punishment is never deemed enough.

The sentiment is that the child is forced to live with a trauma that was totally avoidable; a trauma that was caused due to moral bankruptcy and selfishness in the extreme. It is that idea that is the real driving force behind our nation’s sex offender laws. Society assumes the child will suffer over this in one way or another until they die. Society doesn’t see the fairness in an offender “simply doing a few years in prison and/or on probation/parole and then being allowed to go on with their lives as if nothing ever happened.”

These laws are designed to make us pay and pay dearly ’til the longest day we live to draw a breath.

Someone please comment back and share your thoughts on my rationale.