Reply To: Passport revoked

Victor Palma

When I heard about the IML, before it was signed into law by the previous president, I renewed my existing passport and got the id card too. If I too receive a letter from the government demanding that I surrender said passport, I will seriously consider whether I actually will or not. I may just claim that I misplaced it. If it does come via certified mail, and a signature is required, I will simply refuse to sign it. These passports are expensive. If the government insists that they must be modified, then let the government pay for it! It is a frightening time to live in this country of ours, at least for those who carry the stigma that we carry. I am hopeful that the IML will be struck down as unconstitutional and that by hanging onto my passport, still good for another 8 years, I will save myself the hassle and expense of renewing the passport, not once but twice – once for the current IML requirements, and then again, when the current IML is struck down. I have a friend, also a registered citizen, who is planning on moving back to Columbia once his probation is complete. He can live a normal life there free of the overbearing and idotic laws regarding our status in the U.S. Maybe I should do the same – I qualify for dual citizenship in Germany. Then again, I’ve done ok for almost 3 1/2 years post-prison release and I hate to leave rather than fight the unjust laws we live under. Then again, I live paycheck to paycheck and ride very close to the edge – will I have a job tomorrow? A place to live? It’s a hell of a way to live…