Reply To: Passport revoked


I’m thinking this needs to be brought to the United Nations Council for Human Rights. There are complaint forms that can be filled out, and if an organization such as NARSOL were to submit it, I’m betting it would get some attention. It seems clear that the ACLU and HRW are not going to lift a finger to help, and apparently nothing less than a mass revolt here at home will get them to back off of those of us who are affected.

I’m sorry this happened to you. It seems that they are doing this on the basis of a person coming to the attention of DHS on return trips. Guess they’re too damn lazy to do the work.

I’m wondering if there is any case of one of us asking for asylum in a European country because of this. I’m thinking about applying for a residence permit just so I can give them their notice and not come back. I’m sure they can’t get their shit together quick enough to stop a person from relocating.