Reply To: The age of public information saturation

Tim l

Registrants still have rights but they just assert them. I have twice demanded jury trial for a registration cases. In the most recent it took all of two years to get to trial. I took every opportunity to confront the illegal nature of states application. I have forewarned our county DA that the next time I will be calling one M.M.H. back to the stand in my defense. While he may doubt it will happen, it will.

IMHO taking it to jury is the best option. Most will get convicted of the civil felony but pointing to the facts is incredibly cathartic. My case is kinda unique so I have advantages but any registrant could do the same. For me SO R is a poor public policy and explaining why to the jury is straightforward.

What concerns this registrant more than anything is our government and firms misusing data to protect those not acting in the interests of liberty, namely its preservation. FBs data is a good example.

Holding citizens culpable for wrong doing not their own is patently wrong. Always keep in mind, for the establishment (The little prince) to stay in power they must appear to protect constituencies interests. ENTER THEDON….LOL! He too is facing attacks from the press concerning his sexuality. His implied relationship with a porn starlet is being exploited by those that disapprove of his politics. It’s the same schmeering imposed by SORNA. What a society.