Reply To: Passport revoked


The perpetrators in this case are members of the U.S. Congress, notably Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ) in whose district Megan Kanka’s parents reside. Their daughter was raped and murdered over 20 years ago by a convicted sex offender living in their neighborhood. Representative Smith continued pushing for this legislation for years and our U.S. Congress – Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike – passed the bill without even debating it. It is our government who chooses to oppress registrants by notifying foreign governments of selective criminal histories. Even though I had previously vacationed in Mexico, I was returned to the U.S. a couple of years ago, leaving my wife behind as I had hoped to return the next day. Silly me. When inquiring of my Senators, Kaine and Warner, they were unhelpful since “it was a Mexico decision”; however, that decision was based on an agent of the U.S. government notifying Mexico of my travel plans. At no point was I notified by anyone in the U.S. government that my wife and I would be subject to this punitive action. At the time of my travel, the State Department website made no mention of this restriction. It has been largely through the work of that we can be informed of potential disruptions of vacations abroad. This is just another worthless piece of legislation restricting the privileges of a maligned class. Like governments before, the hated class is branded with a scarlet letter, yellow star or some other nonsense.