Reply To: Barbaric consequences to “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” in a digital world



Normal human sexuality……….humming que es? In Wisconsin a crime to have more than 4 year diff in ages for goungsters. So no 16>21. 15>20. Abortion rates run 3-5K. All this equates to less new Wisconsin citizens. Young teen pregnancy rates down.

IML, we have American FED moving against the repute of citizens to protect who? THOSE outside the constitutional established breath. To protect foreign nationals!
Are they operating under Treaty? They lack standing or basis to act in the interests of nontaxpayers! Why no ,D.C. Protest? Keepers of the purse? Me thinks not.Thank you to our Mr. Ryan for leading the charge with that 1.3T (That # is 1320B /50 states. Not the budget hawk R, the sequester move had. Now he up and quits.
He knows he got stuck with Schumer(D Ny) and his peeps who just made another tech move by automating facial rec. Software. The tighter ya squeeze…
BTW Shiners folks are the same group pitching DACA, more foreign nats. I say give each daya phone so you can tax. Find the phone find them. I have been a cash man cook for years, do hair too. Hard working and dependable but work to cheap. Making them legal by phone I’m with that. What the FED has not told you is this. The mass use of duplicate SS#, was lucrative because employed foreign nats. using them paid Into the system but never filed requesting refund. All cash in none out! For years this went on. So why the stall on real immigration law enforcement and the FEDs desire for jurisdiction is apparent. Typical American trait blame others. The Russians seem popular in the press lately. I digress.