Reply To: For registered sex offenders, court victories slow, but they are coming



Just to show you the mentality of those who support our draconian and inhumane, cruel sex offender restrictions, I thought I’d post a comment made on

This is the kind of punishment this person thinks child abusers/molesters should receive:

Sexual abusers, child abusers and certain cases will receive the following.

Castration if Male and if female removal of sexual organs by force and no Anesthetic. Following this each joint will be severed from their body after the bone is pulverized and inject with a sensation stimulant and anti incapacitation chemicals. After this is accomplished each sense will be pared off by violent means. Stopping at the trunk of the body for further processing

Eyes will be blinded by acid or fire.
Ears will be blown by loud sound at bleeding decibels. Then the ears cut off.
Tongue will be cut out piece by piece. Then burned closed and the mouth forcibly closed too breaking of teeth.
Rip remaining teeth from mouth and proceed with removal of lips and eye lids.
Use a strong aromatic too burn the nostrils useless(in a painful manner). Then cut off the nose and ensure bleeding is stopped.
Skin them alive. Followed by entrails removal and slow harvestation of organs until dead.
At this point the eviscerated pulp will be cremated and the ashes collected for addition into concrete mix made into bricks to make a wall of horror. The bones that survive cremation are crushed and turned to sand like material spread wherever.

Video footage posted as a warning to the would be offenders and no exceptions or exemptions ever.

If you have read this far then I commend your stomach and your sanity. For this isn’t a logical or even insane answer but the logic of a madman. So please no hate comments or shock and horror.

This is a reflection of my mind yes but it comes from a direct result of the uselessness of current protocol too deal with these issues. Is the measure extreme yes, does it violate every law of humanity yes, Do I seem unhinged and biased yes, DO I CARE TO REHABILITATE RAPISTS, PEDOPHILES OR MASS MURDERERS NO.

Have a pleasant day please direct your vomit to the cells to your right or left but avoid puking to your immediate front or rear that is the path of the law abiding.

Here’s the link so you know I didn’t make this up.