Reply To: Victory in New Jersey: part of Megan’s Law ruled unconstitutional



A glass-half full kind of a person, now thats a kickers Sandy, guess that depends whats in your glass.While this NJ decision might be a small step there is a ways to go. While orgizations can stand up for true justice, these types of offenses are going to take a lot more than NARSOL and other advocates that advocate for this injustice and I’m gonna respect your wishes but in the end who win’s, the truth or the the false witness’s, or the fabracators that induce in some of these opportunities. I’m sure I’m a nobody but when true justice seems to overstep its bounds in a lot of this mayham than thats when we all have to stand up for true justice instead of complaining. Maybe human wisdom does have a point in someone’s language today.

Patients is a virtue and while NARSOL strives in helping in this issue it seems one is overcome others in this two headed monster. One is physical and the other is induced by mind bending. Whether people want to use ethnical grounds, biblical grounds, or civil grounds, all of this is still an attack in this devious control method at best. One can talk about taking one step at a time also one has to say where did the foundation of true justice come from or who holds the foundation of justice. If I’m not mistaken there is a sword that people dont think of using today. So are we all being attacked by government that over throw in a lot of this ordeal of blind justice.