Reply To: Keeping a father from sick son: “Cruel and pointless” says Lenore

Tim L

The direct liability of this father’s presence is Wisconsin Children’s Hospital rational for denial. IF, he were to commit a crime, they fear civil action. The same rational used by firms to deny wrong doers jobs. In Wisconsin, the home of American socialism (google : early Milwaukee socialism) the ambulance chasers union is a powerful lobby. One firm even uses Capitan Kirk in their TV advertising. Madison is our state Capital and it is as liberal as it gets for a city. We do NOT have the death penalty but don’t tell that to the Dahlmer Family. I was in prison when the contract was completed. Everyone, guards and convicts alike, knew of it before hand. Like I give a crapola if you believe it!

This is the nature of American society, shameful to say the least. So I am afraid we will continue down the path of victimstance , exactly the founders ultimate reason for embracing the EX POST PROHIBITION.

To that end we’ve failed.