Reply To: Victory in New Jersey: part of Megan’s Law ruled unconstitutional



Wonderful news! This is just the beginning of what needs to be done. We need so much more, I feel sorry what happened to Megan. The type of man that committed this crime would be put into Prison for life. The laws that were made afterwards are just so inhumane. What the Laws do for Sex Offenders is paralyzing the abilities of so many man. It takes away the pursued of Happiness, It takes away the right to Freedom. It causes segregation with limited employment opportunity. No matter who we are we should have the right to employment to help build this nation, own a home, were we want. Why would we ever want to take away from young vital people who made a mistake. Who could help make USA great again. Having Megan’s Law and Adam’s Law is taking away from the State, It is taking away from our Government. The Laws need to change.