Reply To: For registered sex offenders, court victories slow, but they are coming



I am in Michigan and they still have not done anything to fix the registry like they were told to do my the 6th circuit Court. My Conviction was way back in 1992 before there was in a thought of a registry in Michigan.

So I should of never ever, been placed on it and in my opinion, I should be compensated for all the time I have spent on this unconstitutional registry. I have been on it now 25 years, and again should not have been placed on it at all, so for my pain suffering and the pain and suffering of my family, the state of Michigan should be coughing millions like, five hound-thousand a year for every years I was on it. hell a million a year for every years I was on it unconstitutionally, and I should get ALL my rights back including the right to bare arms. I got an e-mail back yesterday from a staff member of Rick Jones,and this is all they had to say.

Groups are still working on it and it should be fixed by the end of the year.