Reply To: Victory in New Jersey: part of Megan’s Law ruled unconstitutional


This is a victory??? I don’t think so. A real victory would have been the a complete dismantling/destruction/wipe out/erasure/never to be seen again registry!!! Has anyone ever studied the history of Nazi Germany? Specifically, the “Nuremberg Laws passed by the Reichstag in 1935. So it is with sex offender laws in America today. Compare the two: The Nuremberg Laws made it difficult for Jews to go out into public places such as the theater or shops (Place restrictions for RSOs today). Thereafter, Jews were recognized by the big red “J”, which was short for “Jude,” that was stamped on their passports (SO public registry for RSOs). “Jews Forbidden” signs also went up all over Germany, which made it very difficult for the Jews to get service or lodge in hotels (RSOs have signs in their yard). The Nuremberg Laws were only the beginning to the Nazi policy of Anti-Semitism. The Nuremberg Laws paved the way to the Holocaust, which showed people how far Germans would go to “cleanse” their nation. So, with SO laws, is America trying to “Cleanse the Nation” of so the called sexual predator? Are we headed for concentration camps for RSOs in America? Well yes, because there are already “Civil Commitment” prisons for RSOs all over America. So yes, American SO laws toady are akin to the Nuremberg Laws of Nazi Germany circa 1930s. America SO laws is the legal framework for the systematic PERSECUTION of people who have committed sex offences—-in the past. And a personal hatred I have for SO laws is that they ENABLE the dumb ass public to legally discriminate against an RSO in housing, jobs, education. The public can bypass all civil rights guaranteed under the US Constitution when it comes to RSOs and get away with it. Buts just me.