Reply To: The abomination of the sex offender registry


One of our great Statesman said the words Give me liberty or give me death. I wonder if that holds any meaning today in this micky mouse in this true liberty and Justice for all? I guess we dont’ have any unalienable rights that are endowed by the creator when one gets wrapped up in this sex delimna of a man made value. Digitual age seems to be overtaken by devils that would want to cast some into jail without a fair trail, plea deals are the better way to bend one’s knees to those in authority.
Mankind appears to have no remorse of others today and who comes out afreshed in all this, would it be a corrupt government, an over zealous officer doing their best to trick one via the internet, or would it be a those that want to be top guns to glorify thenselve to help save people from something that man induces on others.
SORNA and those that think seem to be just as callous about human behavior. Even courts of law tend to usurp their own authority and judge blindly. Lawyers can’t even understand how to tackle this and It seems the bible is a “big bang” theory to even some on here. Actually the bible can be used for civil law if one uses it. We all seek true justice or should we go back to understanding Patrick Henry.