Reply To: The age of public information saturation

Will Bassler

After reading this article it got me thinking there are all kinds of public records out there. If you stop and think about it, buy a house there is a public record of it, making improvement to that house is a public record for it, get dragged into court for a dispute with the neighbor or a business there is a public record for that to, get married, get divorced, have children, the list goes on and on. What I see happening in the near future is the nosy people who think they are above reproach, that like this idea of knowing others information are going to have it turned around and karma is going to come back and bite them hard. simply because there are bigots of every kind and bigotry can always be carried to extremes, and things that seem simple choices to a person at the time somebody else can find a reason to hate them for. Then they will be the ones crying about the loss of privacy. At that point what has happened in the UK and Japan will start to happen here we will have the movement, hash tag the right to be forgotten. that is for everyone except registered citizens.
yes I’m a cynic.