Reply To: Researchers explore sex trafficking myths


A lot of this ordeal is a cover up and a sham. Senators will send you things about why they do this because they want to catch the one’s peddling the kids for sex via the internet. In their estimation those in blue pose as kids via the internet to snare one with this enticing bait with this opportunity. True data can be everyone is a sinner, isn’t that reasonable to say even those officers in blue. So in the end its man against man and who is deceiving in this unspeakable game.

One can call these things entrapment, baiting, ensnaring, inducing but the bottom line its about moral ethics that law enforcement seem to boast upon in these matters. Larry and Andy call it on their podcast “police prentending” type seneiro’s. Police seem to want to use the power of the sword in their vain justice, in these ordeals but they thaw themselves up on moral grounds. Ethics is based on “ultimate reality” Now how does one get ultimate reality thru a man made fictitous endeavors. I just wonder who’s on solid ground on this one.

Doing something in real is reality but are they predicting reality in these internet sex sting operations, or should someone have predicted that a sex offender can become president. Sure that would boggle anyone’s mind in this mind game. We can all comment but in the end does it get absolute truth or true justice in all this ordeal.