Reply To: The age of public information saturation


While this article of Tammy’s is a bit different from the usual articles on the sex offender topic I really wasn’t sure how to comment. A lot of us have all done things in the past but should the past convict us in this know it all information age of computers. Actually it shouldn’t or do we all have some guilt. I would tend that those officers have the bigger guilt.

Looking at this topic does make one wonder who’s trying to play the double jepordy game when most all of this is a sex offender issue we all face today of a devilish nature whether physical or psychological. In the end who is right, those in blue uniforms or those ones that are ensnared in this. You could even say its brain washing with a enticing effect to lure one to their doom. I don’t care what my past is and if people found out as everybody has a past whether good or bad.

I don’t like to use the word entraptment because man has always wanted to justify themself even in court situations they want to crucify you if one lets them.