Reply To: The age of public information saturation

Tammy Jackson

You are so right. Society’s mentality changed dramatically when the economy took a downturn and less jobs were available as employers sought ways to sift through prospective candidates. The temporary employment agency industry determined background tests were a must and I believe this led to a new hire rule more-so than any known instances of ‘on-the-job’ related crimes happening all at once and causing such reactionary measures. This coupled with the internet’s age of information sharing has became the standard norm rather than having any concern for privacy.
The public registry and these never-ending lists feed this beast. The SOR specifically influenced Americans in an ever broadening grave manner in that it has not only chastised one populace, but also because it summoned attention to the idea that we must know about everyone’s history in order to accommodate someone feeling ‘safer’ and frankly, feel better about their own self. In my humble opinion, it has created even more of a thinking error hierarchy based on who did what, thus causing former offenders outside of the scope of sex crimes to minimize their behavior-especially when addiction has been accepted as a disease or symptom of mental illness instead of the deviant behavior it was at one time considered. There is unfortunately a plethora of people who perceive risk based on reading about someone’s past on the internet rather than accepting someone’s existing attributes.