Reply To: Barbaric consequences to “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” in a digital world


[it is because that is what the majority of the public wants.]Exactly, and with that the U.S. constitution can be over looked/stepped on/disrespected beyond imagination. All the courts/law makers/judges/should be seen as retarded and all on disability for that reason. How long have registered citizen’s been living under bridges and in make shift camps living like animals scratching flees and tics from their bodies?20 years or so now? How many registered citizen’s have been banished from city’s and towns across the globe?How many registered citizen’s have been murdered because of the registry? How many more will be murdered in years to come? [The majority of the public says] it was not because of the registry they were murdered it was because of the crime they did/convicted of. Besides they were only sex offenders. [The majority of the public] then praises the hero that murdered the registered citizen. They hold protests for lenience for these hero’s and the retards of the courts follow along and are more than willing. 20 or so years of laws and more laws that disrespect the constitution and not one of these retards have said ok, enough is enough.
I remember years ago in Maine when registered citizen’s were murdered the hero simply knocked on the door and shot the person who answered,the state took the Maine registry off line for what 1 or 2 weeks? [The majority of the public says] ok you can put the registry back on line now after all the sex offender brought it on themselves. It is even beyond Imagination why these laws have to be challenged with all the blatant punishment that is right in front of the courts face. What else is in store for us? The future scares the heck out of me.