Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Just to be safe I would go in by May 22 and comply with act 10, if you haven’t gotten anything telling you that your done and no longer have to register , my suggestion is to go in, no later the May 22 because then you may be considered non compliant, my attorney advised me to go and comply with act 10 when it’s time to because he doesn’t want me fighting this from a jail cell, just to be safe, have you contacted the ML section in Harrisburg at all, they may be able to help, doubtful but maybe, they are there Monday through Friday 8am till 230 pm, they say 3 but they are long gone by 3, I’ve called a couple of times, not in the past month though. Us out of state offenders hand to deal with act 91 apparently now which is bs…