Reply To: Barbaric consequences to “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” in a digital world


Randall Flagg

My question to Janice and everyone else involved in the fight is when do we revisit Smith VS Doe?
Since 2003,have we not collected volumes of evidence that proves our case many times over?
And how is it that Longo has not been put before the supreme Court to denounce the misused of his article that has been used against us from the start. An article that he Refutes as not fact based science or anything worthy of being cited in a court of law as fact.
How can a Supreme Court now turn a blind eye to all of the evidence ,all the people that have been murdered,all the registrants who have been wrongfully terminated from jobs because its the convenient thing to do when coworkers show their intolerant asses.All the registrants denied a place to live,
When will we have enough?