Reply To: Barbaric consequences to “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” in a digital world


This is what the ultra-feminist agenda has done to warp our laws. A girl and boy do the same exact thing. The girl gets the lenient option, but the boy is absolutely and without the slightest hint of mercy destroyed. I know I’ll take flack for this, but this is what we got when we let women get so involved in politics. This is just another path to ultra-feminists subverting and destroying all male authority. Make no mistake about it, these ultra-feminists don’t want to be equal to men. They want to be totally dominant and as evidenced here will stop at nothing. What better way to achieve their goal than to push for laws that forever end their civil rights as a helpless child? Talk about insidious child abuse under color of law!!! The weak-kneed men who sat by and let this happen are just as much to blame.