Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Brain

Your case deals with OOS out of state ACT 111 0f 2011 before SORNA

ACT 111 was amended in 2012 by ACT 91 which told the retroactive application off the ACT 111

Then SORNA expired it all. The PSP will put on your letter ACT 111 only at the top Look for it. Show your lawyer.

Not all lawyers know this area of the law like us. We live it and know it . If you show the lawyer they will know how to make your case open.

OOS people have to get a PAG not a DA. There is a OOS data sheet that your state of conviction sent to the PSP you need to tell your lawyer to get a copy. They will not give it to you, but they will give it to your lawyer if he ask for it. What that she says is the registration requirements- In your case I quest it is going to have SORNA teir 2 25 year less than life.

If that is the case SORN that hurt you is every six months you were to update under SORNA – When MUNIZ hit the only thing that change is the updates to once a year now –

Becuase ACT 111 is a 2011 law and SORNA was a 2012 law. Under Weaver V. Graham your are to be taken back to 9795.2 rules that were under SORNA (a) or (b) with a ACT 111 loophole shut- The catch is that ACT 111 was amended by ACT 91 to take away the retroactive effects of ACT 111 See the links below.