Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Mark
The PSP is holding to ACT 111 for Out of State of 2011, But that was amended by ACT 91 2012 SORNA and took the retroactive off. The Court has taken my case under advisement before ruling. The PSP keep rebooting the computer and I keep showing back up on the PSP web site. That is not my fault. It makes the PAG look bad on saying that the PSP did voluntary cessation when it is clear that they did not – The is why I am pushing the envelop now on ACT 10 and ACT 111 and ACT 91.

The PSP and the PAG are not on the same page in my case. They wanted to moot my case, but the commonwealth court judges saw that mootness is not in order. R.A.P. Rule 1532(b) is a savior of summary relief that can be brought before the court at any time before the close of the case with no time restrictions.

I am getting calls from lawyers asking if I need any help. I ask them why you want to help me? If my case was not solid it would have been dismissed by the commonwealth court.

The PAG stopped calling me- her motive was to get me to stop filing motions after motion. That is here job. I know she has a heavy case load but she chose to work for the AG that is the result.

The PSP putting me back on SORNA site is a violation of due process. I am not under SORNA no more – I have an ACT 10 notice pending I have until 90 days from 4 April 2018 to comply. The cut of is 22 May 2018 from 22 Feb 2018 when ACT 10 was signed. The PSP sent me a letter giving me a little more time. I sent the letter to the commonwealth court from termination of ACT 10 and SORNA. It was in my original suit. I also asked for 17 Million dollar pay out for violation of rights. Under Mandamus you cannot get money damages.

Must File a 1983 Federal Suit in 3rd Cir. in Philadelphia. The Mandamus order must come close first to show the Federal court that the State court found the PSP in violation of the Civil right. Wish me luck. I told all that I would be fighting until the end. My case may be the next MUNIZ. But it has to get to the PASC. If I win in the Commonwealth Court level the PAG will appeal, and that is ok – if I lose at the commonwealth Court level I will appeal to the PASC. The ACT 10 deal will get to the PASC either way.

It is going to take the PASC to settle this fight. The PSP is making is hard for the PAG assigned to my case. They do things before telling her – She file to the court one thing and the PSP do the opposite making her look bad as if she is violating 18 Pa. C.S. 4904 unsworn verification under falsification to court authorizes.