Reply To: Barbaric consequences to “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” in a digital world


As I have often said, like the closeted politician who votes harshly against laws in favor of gay rights, lawmakers fight hardest against that which they struggle with themselves. Since these laws are passed by heterosexual alpha males they take on an attitude that says, “if I can’t do it, no one can do it and if they do they’re gonna pay!” The fact that it happens to be a fellow 14 year old boy receiving the picture makes absolutely no difference, in fact he’s probably treated even more harshly out of some kind of deep seated jealousy. He’s just another very “bad boy” who looked at the images. In these men’s minds the girl is always innocent and so she shall remain, which is why the girl is never in trouble. What if her phone was found and the pictures got noticed or what if the girl sent the pictures to another girl? Would anyone be in trouble? Of course not! It’s only child pornography when it’s viewed by another guy, regardless of age, which of course is ridiculous. Just like the drug war, our laws obsesses over the issue and then serve only to perpetuate it. (if i can’t get high you can’t get high). It has very little to do with an actual problem and a whole lot to do with the lawmakers themselves and on which issues they choose to focus their time, resources and energy upon.