Reply To: Barbaric consequences to “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” in a digital world

James Coghill

In prison we used to say: Do you know why there wasn’t a sexual revolution in the 60s in Europe? They didn’t need one! Which says quite a lot about us as a society. Old Victorian attitudes may have served us well in the Victorian era but they don’t work in the modern world. It’s like going back to stone knives and bear skins. It doesn’t belong here and now. Remember the Puritans? What happened to them? They died out because they only practiced sex for procreation and the same thing will happen to us if we keep doing this. What America is just waking up to is that the Internet is nothing more than a mirror. When you look at it you see yourself. Is that any reason to be sent to prison and declared a scourge of Society? America, the most paranoid nation on the planet. Always has to have something to fear.