Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


All I can say is factual information. Subchapter H is/was SORNA and subchapter I is ACT 10. The crux of everyone’s argument is “what is a judicial determination”. We def need the Courts to weigh in on that. I do not think we are even close to finishing fighting this fight. Like all other high profile cases, it is going to take the State Supreme Court to figure this out. Neither party who loses below is going to say “Ok, I give up”. This is going to the State Supreme Court. Then, just like in Muniz, Pa will stomp their little feet all the way to DC to cry to the US Supreme Court.
Perhaps, Pa is playing the numbers game. If you complain ( by going to court) we will shut you up to stop the courts from taking our toy (Act 10) away in its entirety. All 20,000 plus will probably not go to court.