Reply To: Father on sexual offense registry forbidden access to seriously ill son



Abortion occurs at about 4,000 annual in WI. How is it a fetus is not considered a potential American? Women’s right to choose. Yet a man touches……! Life. Anyone who knows primate behavior understands grooming is socially functional. It’s place cannot be underestimated. Touch as human NEED is outlawed to the extreem. The tighter you squeeze to worse gets the outlier. In a sense, being a man, aggressive is politically demeaned. Odd from a nation willing to kill with nukes and drones. With drones the war boys no longer NEED our kids on the ground. Remember save one, no Senate or House member served. War obviously impacted a nation’s happiness especially when based on shaky facts WMDs indeed! if a hypothetical artillery shell lands in a jury box, that’s mass distraction enough for any jury.

This is the same hill faced in registration violation cases. The sexual assault NOTICE OF CONVICTION that may or may not state the offender ‘s duty, length of commitment. Any facts other than that are not necessary for the jury.Judge a man by the cover placed upon him by the state already found guilty. I’ve faced that jury twice, I’m 1-1. As one to other humans THE DATABASE is not your ally. Forced interaction between man and machine is no less than indenture as in 13th.
Big data is incredibly lucrative, some new it early on. The coerition in black and white. Many capitalized and continue to this day. The watchers are paid well. Sex is indeed the most powerful tool.

Why do I find it ironic next I gotta tap the I AM NOT A ROBOT box. Lol