Reply To: International Travel


Linda Y : I feel your Pain. Having to deal with confusing and varied laws can be overwhelming. I feel that you need to arm yourself with more knowledge before taking more action. First, good news, you may travel to El Salvador but you may be detained at customs for a while as they check that you aren’t there for nefarious purposes. I experienced this in 12/17. and was ultimately allowed in after almost two hour delay. The US Gov’t sends out a tourist/trafficker notice to the receiving country and they don’t research anything past that. That’s in the IML. The law also states that you cannot sponsor a foreigner for any kind of visa to the US because of your status. Lastly there is a long drawn out complicated and expensive procedure for getting married in El Salvador. Please do more research.
So this is my personal experience without emotion or conjecture. Take it FWIW. Good luck and happy travels.