Reply To: It’s time to be FEARLESS

Zack Smith

I am a first-time Tier 1 sex-offender currently residing in York County. Like many in the county with similar offenses, probation severely limits where we can live and work, leaving many of us to stay at one of the state’s few missions that accepts SOs (for which I am grateful). That being said, York County is one of the strictest and most draconian run counties in PA for SOs and many end of violated for petty technical charges.
My big issue is that I am from a neighboring county. Unfortunately, I was in York County when I committed the terrible offense for which I am currently a registered sex offender. However, I feel I have the right to transfer my probation back to my home county to be near my mother, who has stage four cancer. Probation in York is doing everything they can to prevent that from happening. I am at a loss as to how to proceed. Any advocacy or advice would be greatly appreciated.