Reply To: NARSOL supports man who won rare constitutional challenge


Actually from listening to that podcast or Episode “Can they do that” Larry makes a great gesture to all. We all have reason to hope. Even that Episode was very informative. Actually its getting down to the nuts and bolts of things about these sex registry hijinks. While the that was very informative of alternative’s we all should take in these actions, pardons’ from governments, and things such as theses. Its a human factor of man wanting to dominate man.
I don’t know which is worse Andy wanting to conk Larry on the head or Larry wanting to give good informative information to all about these issues. If you haven’t listen to that Episode it gives a lot of examples of people and also comments of people involved in the field of these types of situations that effect those in these sex situations.
I’m wanting to go the redress of grievance way or the human rights way or civil rights way as anyone can see the constitution is broken in a lot of these shameless sex scheme’s that justice seem to want to profit by to dupe those that are under this duress and stressful time in their life. I even like the amicus endeavor in some situations. Its all about challenge and truth to balance the scales of justice.