Reply To: NARSOL supports man who won rare constitutional challenge


I hope the 9th Circuit upholds overturning this case. When “guilty until proven innocent” or “prove a negative” becomes the standard, we may as well do away with criminal trials altogether and just let the D.A. hand down the sentence on the spot.

That this kind of law could have ever gotten traction to begin with is beyond rational belief!

Here is another “fact” of science that needs to be thoroughly debunked: “Innocent, helpless children don’t know how to lie about being molested.”. They can surely be coached by counselors and parents!

Years ago 20/20 did an investigative report on the techniques used to interview children who are suspected victims of sexual abuse. 20/20 went out of their way to find 10 kids they knew for an absolute fact had never been molested. By the end of the interviews these children were subjected to they every one were convinced they had been molested. This just shows how suggestions can be planted and drilled into their pliable, malleable little minds. They can be fed details in the form of very leading and suggestive questions. Vague questions are asked that can be “open to interpretation” by the “experts”.