Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

I just filed in court to make a direct attack on ACT 10 termination –

If you would look at your ACT 10 notice letter you will find a Law that corrects it to SORNA as 42 Pa. C,S. Chapter 97, Subchapter H which came in to Law 12-20-12

Any body know what also came into effect as law on 12-20-12? If you said S O R N A

Thank you- ACT 10 is based in this Law. it was just re-wrote and titled ACT 10 ans signed in to law 22 Feb 2018

ACT10’s main problem is that is opens Pre-SORNA people to a NEW LEGAL CONSEQUENCE that was not in effect in Pre-SORNA laws.

1. It is ex post facto
2. It still imbues the reputation of liberty in shaming
3. It is too ambiguous and opens to PSP abuse
4. The excessive penalty for minor infraction is punitive in nature
5. It ask people to add where they are going to eat? and where they where find leisure invasion of privacy
6. Butler court found that SVP designation is violation of state and federal Constitutions
7. The penalty function is penal calling it civil is just a lie ACT 10 is excessively punitive Being late to sign in has become criminal conduct – and failure to update a small bit of information like an E mail address or car registration