Reply To: International Travel


1) Do NOT seek a new passport. The Dept of State will notify you when your passport will be cancelled. This MAY happen while you are traveling. NOT a big deal, you just need to go to the local Embassy or Consulate to explain your situation and they will expedite the passport renewal process with the new “Stamped” RSO passport within the country you are visiting. Much like loosing your passport overseas. Happens all the time and they have the facilities to issue a new passport quickly.

2) The UK may not be possible. I have not personally visited, but from all that I have read and understand they are turning people away at the airports. Good news is that you should have no problems visiting France. Here is a thought, once you arrive in France, try renting a car or take a bus/train thru the “chunnel” to England. See if you get turned around and let us all know what happens. It is relatively cheap to do, from what I hear.

3) DO NOT contact local authorities in the country you are visiting to let them know that you are an RSO. There is ABSOLUTLY NO requirement to do so. Your only requirement under the International Megan Law (IML) is to give a 21 day notice of international travel notification and include all details of your KNOWN itinerary. Nothing else is required of you.

I have traveled to five international countries since being an RSO, I am currently residing overseas and plan to continue to travel. Please post your experience to help fellow RSO travelers such as myself. Enjoy your trip! TM