Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Terry Brunson

Terry Brunson update –

I received answer to PSP show cause today. I have 14 days to respond before the court makes its order up or down. I started out with SORNA and now going after ACT 10.

The PSP is saying that SORNA does not apply to me any more – since I was in court during transition of SORNA and ACT 10 they are two different Laws – The PSP and PAG are telling the court that I am off SORNA and that those points are mooted points. But they are not. They are correct points – voluntary cessation is not want I demanded. They are only doing that to keep me from appealing from my mandamus position but I filed money damages and I filed to challenge to then HB 1952 which is today ACT 10 now.

The PAG says that I should be allowed to amend my original complaint or file all over again on an ACT 10 complain alone.

Only problem is I did have it in my Original complaint as new Megan’s law future applications. I was trying to put new law in the Mandamus knowing that the Pa. legislatures were listening to Freed on a MUNIZ fix.

I heard it then and I have it in the Mandamus I filed 13 Oct 2017. and in the Brief I file in support of the complaint dated 15 December 2017. I knew that the PSP would try to make me start all over just to attack ACT 10 application.

There is no need to amend or file a new complaint – Just give me the judicial determination and on MUNIZ decision and all credit being on SORNA, and suspend all future Megan’s Law applications to be applied to me.

The PSP also says that life time sex offenders have to wait 25 year to petition the court to get off of ACT 10 . I don’t buy that. ACT 10 rules are being pushed on pre-SORNA people as if we agree with them.

It is wrong and I will tell my peace in the appeals courts. I don’t expect to win in the court I am in now. They have given too much time to the PAG and PSP to develop ACT 10 applications. The court don’t have to agree with me but they have to let me set up my appeal objections in the lower court to get to the higher courts in PA.

Any one can follow my case fillings at the Commonwealth court docket under 463 MD 2017. . . So far I am doing wonderful without a lawyer