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In ’99 I was sentenced with the pre-sentence investigation specifically mentioning that I was not a predator. My plea agreement only listed registration for the duration of my 3 yr probation after my 7 yr (ended up being 3yrs & 3 months) bit. Mandatory sex offense class therapist informed me that the law changed to 5 yrs of registry then it became 10 yrs and finally Indiana made me an SVP by law and added registration for life. My life suddenly spiraled downward, major depression led to poor eating which gave me type 2 diabetes. I’ve been unemployed for almost 10 years and have had my civil rights violated by law enforcement, including 2 false arrests for failing to register (beaten in court with the Judge repremanding sheriff). My life is hell 80 percent of the time with only my wife and kids alleviating the anguish and despair. My life essentially ended at 19 yrs old but with me barely holding on since.