Reply To: Sex offender residency restrictions: every source says wasteful, harmful


Tim Lawver

Being that the electronic database is being used to impose banishment reflects the intent of its original development, that is to punish in historical ways. The courts are seeing, “the clearest proof” despite their denials of it. That is what we get for untrusting our liberty to well intended professional liars representing both parties.

Other good but obvious lies perpetrated by the like:
Richard Nixon, “I am not a criminal”.
George Bush, “Read my lips no new taxes”
William J. Clinton, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.
George Bush Jr., “There are WMD in Iraq”.
Ron Reagan, “,We, I never authorized the sale of weapons to the Contras”.
Barack Obama, “You can keep your coverage and your doctor” .

So why would anyone believe in what comes from DC?I
Nobody except those on the dole.