Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Mark
The PSP and PAG have remove me from their registry under SORNA –

I filed a Mandamus in Oct 2017

In the Mandamus I put the then HB 1952 application the PA Assembly was working on.

When it passed on 22 Feb 2018 under ACT 10 my case was still in court under 463 MD 2017 docket in the Commonwealth court.

Under R.A.P. Rule 1532 (b) I filed summary relief writ request – The court gave the PSP and PAG notice to file answer to my brief. Instead of giving a PSP or PAG brief they called me on the phone and asked me not file in court that they will take me off the registry by themselves under “Voluntary Cessation”.

I did not go for it – They said they took me off and did not so I filed again a preliminary objection writ to the court the PSP and PAG called me again and said they will have me off in ten minutes. This time I was taken off.

The commonwealth court received a moot motion from the PSP and PAG and I filled a MUNIZ vested right motion. The court accepted both motions and set a show cause hearing.

To take place on 17 April 2018.

During the wait on 22 feb 2018 ACT 10 was signed by the Governor Wolfe

I just now received an ACT 10 notice yesterday in the mail. 7 April 2018 dated 4 April 2018 to be registered under ACT 10 before 22 May 2018.

The PSP changed my SID number as if I have just entered this state from Texas. This is my birth state

The PSP is making it seem as if I just move here. to state me at a new ten year ACT 10 with no SORNA credit. That is a retaliation for my court filing by I can show this at the show cause hearing. April 17 2018

If I win at this hearing I will not have to register under ACT 10. (ever)
I know the PSP and PAG will appeal when they do ACT 10 has in it that if they appeal I still have to register under ACT 10 until their appeal is final.

If I loose the show cause – I will have to register under ACT 10 and I will appeal . Either way I my comply to register under ACT 10 until a “judicial determination” I been telling all about since I been on this posting site.

Under HB 1952 a judicial determination stopped all registration – but under ACT 10 they said they can appeal and registration is required until the final call of the appeal by a appeal justice.

So that is where the game is at. terry brunson 463 MD 2017 commonwealth court docket case in progress since 13 Oct 2017 heading to the PASC on ACT 10 appeal soon (Meet you at the top)